Hello, Selamat datang!People call me Nor although I sometimes go by a different nickname(s). You can call me whatever you wish just as long as you keep it decent :P I'm a frickin' introvert, a very shy person and also an extremely fickle one by nature. *feign a blush* Since I get easily fascinated by a lot of things, I do not have a specific theme for my tumblr. My tumblr contains bits and bobs of everything that are both relevant and irrelevant to my life...That is to say, I kvetch, blog and re-blog nonsensically :}Oh! and I dig #Arsenal! :}**************************"Yesterday, we was not believing in giants, was we? Today we is not believing in snozzcumbers. Just because we happen not to have actually seen something with our own two winkles, we think it is not existing." ~ BFG, Roald Dahl

November 24th
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